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Hope Haven

HnH Enterprise is a non-profit corporation that impacts local neighborhoods, business, schools and communities. At HnH we believe that hope is the key, Harmony is the gateway. Our Corporation consists of Hope Havens, for afterschool programs, Helping Hands, our donation center for our homeless population, and Harmony Housing for affordable living. It is our goal to impact all surrounding areas to thrive in the best way possible whether it be with our youth or those seeking a better lifestyle. 

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   Hope Haven 

Hope Haven is an upcoming youth center designed for teens from poverty-stricken neighborhoods, to come and unleash their dreams! They will be provided with services and benefits that include tutoring, mentoring, leadership skills, engage in community services, and chances to go on trips. This environment will allow them to come in relax, study, play, work, design, etc. This will give them the opportunity to expose their greatness!

Helping Hands 

Helping hands is our donation center, here individuals are able to get what they need. This can be food, clothing, or personal care. This program is design to serve individuals in need as well as our surrounding communities and organizations. Check out some of our donations below!  

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Affordable Housing 

Coming Soon...

Working Together

With another push of donations, we can continue to help others as well as our community.  If you want to help in a different way, simply reach out.

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